40W Solar Street Light

Main Features

πŸš… BTC technology speeds up the battery charging over 30%;

πŸ”‹ Powerful LiFePO4 battery with 2000 cycles, widely used in new-energy car;

🧠 COEUS Intelligent Core Technology broke the bottleneck of short working time of solar lights in rainy/cloudy days, and realized 100% lighting throughout the year

βš™οΈEach part can be replaced on the pole directly, save maintenance costs

πŸ”„ Bracket rotating for easy installation

πŸ’› 3 years warranty




Street lights with Ultra Thin Design with Long time Autonomy. ELS-E340

Led CREE LED Number 90pcs >50000H

Mono-crystalline Tempered Glass Solar Panel 50W

LED Module 3

CREE LED Emitter output (Max on peak) 40W

Efficiency 160lm/w

CREE LED illumination color 6000K

LiFePO4 Battery Pack 230.4WH

Charging Time 6-8hrs by bright sunshine

Product Material Aluminum alloy case with oxidation technology

Operation Temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃

Sensitivity Coverage (PIR sensor ) 3-15M

Lighting time 3-5nights after fully charged

Working mode by remote controller

1οΌ‰5H Full bright+ 25% Sensor 100%
2οΌ‰25% Sensor+ 100% All nights
3) 5H Full bright+ 25% Dim until dawn

Mounting Adaptor Inner diameter 60mm , Adjustable

Pole height/distance 6-8m/ 18-20m

Light Size (L x W ) 1040*328mm


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